Cops and Kids Event 2021

Two year old: Zaria was found nearly starved to death by her own mother, including living in deplorable conditions. Zaria weighed only 11 pounds, walking was an impossible task because she was so weak and lethargic. Zaria was immediately rushed to Egleston hospital where she received treatment, She was later transferred to Scottish Rite to receive rehab and learn to walk again. Zaria is close to making a full recovery but she still have ways to go. Zaria has been discharged into the custody of her uncle, also he agrees that Zaria deserves a wonderful Christmas after all she has been through.

Three year old girl:  Jakalyn The mother is single and is not currently working do to having Lupus. She is doing her best to make ends meet.
We also be supported one of our own this year. One of our Detectives has been out with Medical issues and since she is our family, we wanted to make sure her 7 year old son King, got a little LOVE from (us) his extended family.